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TitleSubtitleAuthorFormatCall No.
MakeFix Our PlanetBook621/MAKE
Using Asyncio in PythonUnderstanding Python's Asynchronous Programming FeaturesHattingh, CalebBook005.133/HATTINGH
Full Stack ServerlessModern Application Development With React, AWS, and GraphQLDabit, NaderBook004.6782/DABIT
Architecture Patterns With PythonEnabling Test-driven Development, Domain-driven Design, and Event-driven MicroservicesPercival, HarryBook005.133/PERCIVAL
97 Things About Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should KnowCollective Wisdom From the ExpertsBook006.312/NINETY
Building Secure and Reliable SystemsBest Practices for Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining SystemsAdkins, HeatherBook005.8/ADKINS
Learning DaprBuilding Distributed Cloud Native ApplicationsBai, HaishiBook004.6472/BAI
MakeVolume 72Book006.3/MAKE
97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should KnowCollective Wisdom From the ExpertsBook005.1/NINETY
Getting Started With Adafruit Circuit Playground ExpressThe Multipurpose Learning and Development Board With Built-in LEDs, Sensors, and AccelerometerBarela, AnneBook629.895/BARELA
97 Things Every Java Programmer Should KnowCollective Wisdom From the ExpertsBook005.133/NINETY
How Computers Really WorkA Hands-on Guide to the Inner Workings of the MachineJustice, MatthewBook004/JUSTICE
Go ProgrammingDiscover Google's Go Language (golang)McGrath, MikeBook005.133/MCGRATH
JavaScriptThe Definitive Guide : Master the World's Most-used Programming LanguageFlanagan, DavidBook005.2762/FLANAGAN
Make: Mechanical Engineering for MakersBunnell, BrianBook621.8/BUNNELL
Tutorial Guide to AutoCAD 2021Lockhart, Shawna D.Book620.0042/LOCKHART
We Had A Little Real Estate ProblemThe Unheralded Story of Native Americans in ComedyNesteroff, KliphBook970.00497/NESTEROFF
AutoCAD 2021 Tutorial First Level 2D FundamentalsShih, Randy H.Book620.0042/SHIH
AutoCAD 2021 InstructorA Student Guide for In-depth Coverage of AutoCAD's Commands and FeaturesLeach, James A.Book620.0042/LEACH
Solar Electricity BasicsPowering your Home or Office With Solar EnergyChiras, Daniel D.Book621.31244/CHIRAS
Application Delivery and Load Balancing in Microsoft AzurePractical Solutions With Nginx and Microsoft AzureDeJonghe, DerekBook004.6782/DEJONGHE
Deep Learning for Coders With Fastai and PyTorchAI Applications Without A PhDHoward, JeremyBook006.312/HOWARD
Designing for Behavior ChangeApplying Psychology and Behavioral EconomicsWendel, StephenBook004.019/WENDEL
A Knot A Day365 Knot Challenges for All AbilitiesCompton, NicBook623.8882/COMPTON
Auto FundamentalsHow and Why of the Design, Construction, and Operation of Automobiles : Applicable to All Makes and ModelsStockel, Martin W.Book629.231/STOCKEL
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