Mar 30, 2021iloveseaotters rated this title 0.5 out of 5 stars
Everyone who thought that making this movie was a good idea needs to get into a phone booth and go back to before the idea existed. The original was most excellent. The second was lame. And this one? Well, it had slight potential in the beginning, but quickly fell from there. Keanu Reeves' performance was absolutely horrible and Alex Winter ( who has not aged well at all, and cannot act) was even worse. They were two 50 years olds trying to recreate characters they made famous in their teens, complete with the same wardrobe. They could have at least dressed like adults. And did I mention that both of them looked really OLD? I didn't buy the two girls as their daughters at all. They looked much older than teenagers and had no acting talent whatsoever. Even the music in this movie is bad, and that's saying a lot, because, well music is the point, right? Bill and Ted is what made Keanu Reeves famous, so I'm honestly surprised that he didn't put any heart at all into it. *Spoilers* I did like that they used the phone booth concept and that they mentioned (and briefly showed) the character of Rufus (AKA George Carlin), but not even So-crates and his "Like Sands Through The Hour Glass" philosophy could save this one. Bill and Ted should have just let the universe crash and burn.