Sep 17, 2020IndyPL_MollieB rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This is a story about Jarrett's childhood, in a graphic novel format. If you're a super reader, you'll enjoy the author's note about how the book came to be. "It's futile to think I wish things had been different. There is no changing the past. Everything that has happened, no matter how difficult, has made me the person that I am today." You will also enjoy a note on the art. "You'll find artifacts from my past and my family's past throughout this book. . . Whenever you see the character Jarrett drawing, it is actual artwork that I made at his age." "Creating the art for this book has been the most profound artistic endeavor I have yet to undertake and it has truly been a lifetime in the making." This story is a prime example of what it means to persevere. #IndyPLTeens #IndyPLAdults