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Jul 07, 2020librarianjessicaboorsma rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Another solid instalment in this series! Every time I pick up one of these books, I blast through them and enjoy them immensely, and this one was no exception. Katherine Lundy is a quiet, studious girl. She prefers books to people, and has long contented herself with their company, rather than any of the human sort. She chooses to be happy with what she has - until a door appears, and the Goblin Market awaits. There, the rules are simple: give fair value to that which you want, and never need anything, for you will open yourself up to debt if you take what you cannot afford. This one follows Lundy, Eleanor's "young" friend from the earlier books, and I found that I related so much to her right from the start. I am a bookworm, and always followed the rules too; I ended up a librarian, and have always thought books were better than people. I loved how Lundy's world is both opened up by the Goblin Market and its adventures, but also how the Market confirms many things about her perspective about rules and gives her life a structure that she craves. My favourite part of this series is how each book is distinct and has such a wonderful atmosphere to it, but at the same time, they all feel so cohesive. The writing here is absolutely beautiful and evocative once again, and the world-building is off the charts amazing. I really liked the Market and how it felt simultaneously dangerous and comforting as I learned how to follow the rules alongside Lundy. Every time we follow a character through a door, I know I'm going to be immersed in the world and fully engaged in whatever their story is, and I love that so much. I liked this one much better than the third novella, and it's mostly down to the type of world and who we follow into it. This one is on par with Down Amongst the Sticks and Bones for me, with such a vivid world and characters I loved getting to know.