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With the generous inheritance from an elder client, estate lawyer Sarah Anderson buys a majestic old house that was build in 1923 by a wealthy man for the woman he adored. Taking the biggest risk of her life, Sarah enlists the help of architect...
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Battle of the Sexes
DVD - 2017
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Seven-year-old Chellamuthu's life--and his destiny--is forever changed when he is kidnapped from his village in Southern India and sold to the Lincoln Home for Homeless Children. His family is desperate to find him, and Chellamuthu anxiously tells...
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"After vegan chef Lindsay S. Nixon wrapped up her popular cookbook The Happy Herbivore Cookbook last year, she went back to her kitchen in her new home of St. Maarten. Island living encouraged her to come up with simpler recipes, which led...
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Oct 20 2017
Forks Over Knives
Book - 2011
"As a committed vegetarian, eating plant based does take effort. I would recommend choosing a week to eat only plant based and go from there. Commit to specific meals which makes it easier than trying to decide what to eat at the last minute. I h..." Permalink
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