This is a classic graphic novel that everyone should read. The fact that it’s a true story starring the author herself makes it more of an engaging and interesting read. I think the cover alone attracted a lot of people because it’s so simple and you get curious as to what this book is about. It first takes place when Raina is only in middle school, one night’s event causes troubles all the way until Raina is in high school. It tells her painful but compelling orthodontic journey and her multiple school troubles. Some parts of the book I could really relate to and overall, it was a fun graphic novel! It shows her growth as a teenager and her attempts on having a stable school and orthodontic life. I like how this book pulls you in and when you get to the end, it feels like you joined Raina on the whole journey to finding her own place. 5/5
@stardkdust07 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Smile is an enjoyable comic for girls of all ages in my opinion. I found the main character to be very relatable as she deals bullies and has a hard time fitting in like most girls in school usually find themselves having trouble with. The main character is more relatable to those who enjoy childhood and don’t want to grow up right away but always feel pressured by their classmates to grow up quicker than they want which is a big problem most little girls are faced with and if this book sounds like you then you’ll certainly enjoy it and be happy with the ending. I especially recommend it to those who enjoy reading graphic novels aka comic books. 4 stars
@Celine of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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