Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid
Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid Rowley Jefferson's Journal By Kinney, Jeff Book - 2019

I'm a mom and I read this book because I'm trying to get a kid I'm helping interested in more books. THIS book will NOT be one of them.

The point of view character, Rowley, goes on and on about his "best friend" Greg. Greg ..... is not a nice kid. If the stories in the book give an accurate view of their relationship Greg is almost always mean to Rowley. Sure friends joke sometimes, and sure they get on each other's nerves SOMETIMES, but Greg is almost always tricking or taking advantage of Rowley. Even though in real friendships things aren't always perfectly equal, they do need to be usually fair. Taking advantage of the other person on purpose makes you NOT their friend. Greg is not Rowley's friend.

Fuming that this is considered appropriate children's literature!

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