As a caucasian, childless man in his mid 50's, I liked this simple story of how a bad mood can be transferred or replaced by a happy mood, as quickly as the wind shifts. Some what of a balance between two extremes. I did find it rather unrealistic for some of the other situations to happen, though.
Such as why would a grumpy, demanding man go to a dry cleaners and expect for his dirty pants to be cleaned right away? What about a laundromat or a home washing machine? How unlikely for this women that he was yelling at (like a temper tantrum - unless that was a point in the story), would be so easily swayed and not get a bad mood cloud? Thirdly, how unlikely would an ice cream seller be putting a stick with a cocoon in his shop store window, and for it to make people want to buy ice cream from it?
After reading some of the reviews and hearing from one other person that had read this book, I did then look at it from a different perspective, seeing more than what I had first picked up on.
I was able to see how strange (or stereotypical) it was for a white man to be portrayed as demanding and yelling at a non-caucasian female, (perhaps another point taken) and then get married.
This would have been a nice book, if not for these deviations and had other examples, showing how the bad mood cloud goes from place to place.
Not a good book for children to read without adult supervision or debate.

mr_chocolate's rating:
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