On Tyranny
On Tyranny Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century By Snyder, Timothy Book - 2017

I have to say that I was disappointed by this book after reading all of the 5 star reviews.

Timothy Snyder is obviously a very intelligent man, but it is also very obvious as to how much his political ideology and the media influence his thought and this book.

He did make a few good points (which is why he got the extra half of a star), but most of it was just making references to horrors of Nazi Germany and then comparing them to Trump's campaign rhetoric.
For example: [Pertaining to speaking the truth] "The Second mode is shamanistic incantation. As Klemperer noted, the fascist style depends upon 'endless repetition' designed to make the fictional plausible and the criminal desirable. the systematic use of nicknames such as 'Lyin' Ted' and Crooked Hillary' displaces certain character traits that might more appropriately have been affixed to the president himself." (pg. 66)

The amount of times that he refers to Trump as Hitler is ridiculous. Conflating Trump's mean remarks and lack of civil discourse to Hitler's actual regime is abhorrent and reduces the actual atrocities' severity by doing so.

Do you all want to know how to know that we're all still free? How we're not currently living under "tyrant Trump"? It's because we're all still having political opposition (and a lot of it) from both sides. Trump isn't ordering journalists to be killed or is making them disappear for their disagreement and criticism.

If you want to read a book on actual tyranny and not what is effectively a "Trump is Hitler" article, then please read and learn about the Soviet Union, North Korea, China, and any other Communistic/Socialistic regime. Heck, if you want to SEE what their doing, just look at what the Chinese government is currently doing to the protesters in Hong Kong right now.

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