Doctor Who
Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series DVD - 2013

Mostly a fan of the 'revamped' Doctor of the past six or so years. I respect the older series for its position as roots to the narrative, and with the knowledge that they were likely not allowed by any one of a number of factors to do the show that needed doing. I chuckle when I hear a reference to 'cat flaps' and the way they swing, after all. The series in its almost fifty years has always been uneven. It is more bedtime story than historical novel. Its narrative wobbles in a way similar to the way a TARDIS slips down a worm hole. This series, i.e., the fifth and then sixth season, on to the seventh, well, there has been a concept-shift of sorts. Steven Moffat is looking to write and to present more comprehensive stories, tweeking the narrative to fill in the plotholes, and is taking some elements, such as time travel, and making of them more integral parts to the narrative, not just the means to change the scene. We've gone from 'let's jump through time so that we can tell a rather conventional 'battling the aliens' story in Pompeii as the volcano blows' to a much more complicated and convoluted narrative that has time-travel as an intimate issue. Narratives that fold back in on each other and thus grab attention for themselves. I can't get too detailed. Spoilers, after all.

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