Doctor Who
Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series DVD - 2013

finally thanks to the campbell library was able to see the start of the matt smith era. I HAVE not seen peter nor THE CURRENT VERSIONS. so MY opinion of a female doctor who is SOUNDS fun to me.

the first one was to me "THAT'S HOW people you start a new season" matt and david t. NOW voicing scrooge by the way for the UPDATED AND just as good, hey I AM a 70's and 80's kid so i know what i am talking about and david is to me carrying on where alan young left off. back to this.

IN THE first episode YOU have one of the creepest monsters done SO FAR which i've seen. AGAIN i have not seen past season 5 yet.

so to me MATT smith came off as just as funny and fun as david ten was. before in THIS rebranding my fav of david ten of course.

one other small notice so far and yes I love amy also. i swear i've seen karen someplace before also. so here it is IS IT where to anybody that ACTORS the main ones have gone on to HARRY POTTER. i.e DAVID of course and or ALSO disney. BECAUSE rory i believe was CHRISTOPHER robin.

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