My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington

Book - 2014
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A CBS reporter reveals how she has been electronically surveilled while digging deep into the Obama Administration and its scandals, and offers an incisive critique of her industry and the shrinking role of investigative journalism in today's media.
Publisher: New York : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014]
Edition: First edition.
Copyright Date: ©2014
ISBN: 9780062322845
Branch Call Number: 323.445/ATTKISSON
Characteristics: 422 pages ; 24 cm.


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Jun 23, 2019

Attkisson won top news awards at CBS. When she broke Bush scandals, Liberals loved her, but they hated her critiques of Obama.
--- Among their many fraudulent schemes, the Clintons falsely prosecuted nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, keeping him shackled in solitary confinement for nine months. City officials denied water contamination till Attkisson filmed spewing sewage. Florida hid an orange disease outbreak till she filmed it, spurring the feds to quarantine the state. American Cancer Society concealed donations from makers of suspect products it approved.
--- Attkisson's bosses barred report of welfare fraud, and of paid actors posing as minimum wage demonstrators. The Media hid Obama's remarks that Hawaii is in Asia, and Georgia is on Gulf of Mexico, but mocked Sarah Palin's blunders.
--- Congressmen Obama and Rahm Emanuel earmarked millions for the well-endowed Shedd Aquarium, which donated much of the money to them and spent $600K on fundraising parties in 2006. Stephanie Jones earmarked $2,000,000 for Sherwin Williams. Ted Stevens earmarked billions for Alaska.
--- Obama, Hillary, and their cohorts lied freely. They insisted reporters swallow the lies, smeared those who kept probing, and sought to ruin them. Honest reporting had to be stopped, one way or another. The Obama team denied facts that were stated in their own memos and emails. They told the public one thing while discussing the opposite among themselves. Exposés of proven malfeasance were "conspiracy theories". Independent reporters were "cranks". Accounts with specific embarrassing facts were "shoddy reporting". Sordid Clintonite smear-monger David Brock and his front-group, Media Matters, harassed news managers with phony complaints against truthful stories.
--- Most reporters complied. They parroted the White House line that Dem scandals were Republican inventions. Liberal newsmanagers composed quotes, and told reporters to get someone to utter them. Refusing to go along, Michael Hastings denounced Obama; he died mysteriously a few days later.
--- For 16 years, Obama's book-publicist said he was born in Kenya; this changed when Obama decided to run for president. Dems later ridiculed Trump for raising the issue. Obama's IRS targeted conservative groups after he swore it wouldn't.
--- Obama concealed the severity of the BP oil leak. He bragged of coming benefits from huge tax-gifts to crony green firms, some of which soon failed. Apparently the Government lost around $500,000,000 on Solyndra. Several firms were foreign-owned, employing foreign workers; CBS refused to report this.
--- A whistleblower told Attkisson of Obama's secret "Fast & Furious" program to allow illegal gun trafficking from the US into Mexico. The program was supposed to unearth trafficking routes; Dems could use the resulting surge in gun crimes to seek stricter controls on legal sales.
--- Soon the guns were killing Mexicans and two US agents. Obamists denied F&F existed and denounced truthful witnesses. When that lie failed, they said F&F was the work of a few rogue operatives. Then they said it was confined to lower levels of the ATF. Then to the ATF but not the Justice Dept. Then to the DOJ, but not Eric Holder. Holder perjured himself in denying knowledge. Internal DOJ memos addressed to him showed he was fully informed, but he claimed he never read them. A close White House adviser to Obama was heavily involved, but supposedly never told him what was going on. It was eventually shown that Obama's ATF, ICE, DEA, FBI, US Marshals, Homeland Security, DOJ, US Attorneys, and IRS were all involved in Fast & Furious.
--- Thousands of guns were trafficked, largely assault rifles. They would be used to kill and terrorize for many years. Yet anti-gun Liberals upheld Obama.
----- CONTINUES under Audio entry at this library (or at

Jul 09, 2017

Here's my major problem with this Fake Newsy and all the others: when have they EVER reported any Real News???? Did this Atkinsson ever tell us that Hillary Rodham Clinton's uncle, Wade Rodham [and yes, I did verify that he grew up at the same home street address as Hillary's daddy], was a US Secret Service agent in the presidential protection unit during the Kennedy Administration???? Seems an interesting tidbit!
Or that George Gilder, the rage during the Reagan Administration, was the adopted son of David Rockefeller? Kind of important, since he was espousing exactly what the Rockefellers believed and wanted!
Or that George W. Bush never went through officer's training in the USAF for the Air National Guard - - mandatory for being an actual officer - - nor attended flight school yet was carried on the ANG roster as both an officer and pilot????
Seems kind of important . . .
In other words, of what relevance did yet another Fake Newsy ever report?

Oct 28, 2015

Excellent book. May be objectionable to some on the left, but conservatives were upset with her during the Bush years. Now has a half hour TV show on Sunday mornings, "Full Measure" which I recommend.

Aug 20, 2015

Sharyl Attkisson is one of the few journalists who didn't decide to fall asleep on the 20th of January, 2009. What we learn in this page-turning book is the antithesis to the Obama/MSM narrative that anything negative about his administration is nothing more than a "phony scandal." Instead, we see concrete evidence that the president and his henchmen are perhaps the most vindictive and ruthless groups of thugs to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in recent memory. What they do to journalists who disagree with them would make Nixon blush. However, what I found most interesting was the first section dealing with media bias in general. Notice how celebrity news, "weather porn" and other manufactured stories (eg. Cecil the Lion) dominate the cycle? This isn't a coincidence according to Attkisson. Fluff rules while any attempt to expose big pharma, the military-industrial complex or Obama's fuzzy math is left on the cutting room floor. This book will definitely make you think.

Jan 02, 2015

An interesting and revealing read. Sharyl Attkisson gives us the low-down on Benghazi, NSA, the PR-for-hire online encyclopedia Wikipedia, ObamaCare, Fast and Furious, and other scandals rocking our country. It makes me proud that there are still citizens/journalists still willing to stand up against mainstream media and the Obama/Holder Administration. This is a must-read for everyone who is concerned about what is happening to our once-beloved country.

Dec 08, 2014

Sharyl shows just how corrupt the major media and the Obama administration is.
You need to read this book.

Dec 06, 2014

Ms Attkisson finds and tells the truth in her reporting. This used to be the norm in journalism. It's to hold those in power accountable. Most in the media no longer practice telling the whole truth, which hurts the country in the long run. Ms Attkisson was very brave for telling the whole truth about the various Obama scandals. Obama is weakening the rule of law. He is fundamentally changing the country.

Nov 10, 2014

Hey naturalist, a link to mediamatters is hardly a credible source. In any case, they (MM) don't bother to refute Ms. Attkisson's claims that her computer was hacked. Whether she knows who did it is irrelevant and a diversion from the truth. ALL Americans regardless of political position should be greatly disturbed by her story. Unless, of course, one's political position is that an all-powerful government should have a right to control speech and the press.

cromer40 Nov 08, 2014

I m amazed that in the NYC Public Library, there is only one copy of a new release.

Oct 26, 2014

as if anyone would care what the "moonie times" thinks. . . .
and . . . . .
referring to the author: . .
and . . .
“Computer Security Experts: Sharyl Attkisson's Hacking Analyst Blew It – Experts Agree With IG Report, Find Private Technician May Have Contaminated Personal Computer” . . .
by Joe Strupp, . . . January 30, 2015 . . .
from: . . . . . .
and . . . . .
“A right-wing hack undone: Sharyl Attkisson’s White House “hacking” allegation takes a hit – Sharyl Attkisson says the government hacked her, but she's been stingy with the proof. A new report may explain why” . . .
by Simon Maloy . . . . Feb. 2, 2015 . . . .
from: . . . . . .
and . . .
“Stonewalled: Sharyl Attkisson's Failed Attempt To Rehabilitate Her Bogus Reporting” . . .
by Hannah Groch-Begley, . . . . Nov. 2, 1014 . . . .
from: . . . .


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