The Farewell

The Farewell

DVD - 2019
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Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi reluctantly returns to Changchun to find that, although the whole family knows their beloved matriarch, Nai-Nai, has been given mere weeks to live, everyone has decided not to tell Nai Nai herself. To assure her happiness, they gather under the joyful guise of an expedited wedding, uniting family members scattered among new homes abroad. As Billi navigates a minefield of family expectations and proprieties, she finds there's a lot to celebrate.


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VaughanPLDonnalee Nov 21, 2020

There was lots to like in this film. This film really explores questions of life and death, family duty, family relationships, grief, loss, separation. etc. And it was fascinating to see another culture's attitudes about issues and see how they differed. It also had lots of funny bits. I thought Awkwafina was very good in the lead role. So, lots to like and the movie was definitely worth watching. Count me in, though, as someone who thought it was awful to hide the truth from Nai Nai! Overall I thought it was very good. But I was not a fan of the ending and I thought the ending kind of cheapened the message of the movie.

Sep 29, 2020

A good movie about different cultures, decisions about telling or not the truth and its future consequences.

Sep 27, 2020

Seeing this 2019 DVD movie (THE FAREWELL) release date: January 2019; not until September 27, 2020. It was VERY HARD TO CRITIZE a well thoughout movie, where audience from popular movie review website "Rotten Tomatoes" showed 98% POSITIVE REVIEWS.
But there was WEIRD THINGS that (from an American Viewer), I could not avoid:
1) Before this DVD movie even started on my computer - [LIONSGATE - American Film Company], clearly stated this CHINESE MOVIE, does not represent anything from Lionsgate.
The actual FILM PUBLISHER [August 2012] "A24" has No Outwardly Style, shows risky & deceptively strange, dark and weird ideas.
2) On any DVD, you pick which SUBTITLES you like to see. THE FAREWELL has dual language throughout: MANDARIN (a form of Chinese language) and ENGLISH. I could NOT PICK "ONLY ENGLISH". With this dual language movie I saw - Mandarin is an Extreme Fast Dialect spoken by Chinese actors/actresses. The English subtitles were just TOO SLOW to even keep pace with that different type of language.
3) In this entire 1hr 33mininte 22second MOVIE, main character BILLI (the granddaughter), never fits into any scenes; as if "Awkwafina" was recorded on a separate film recording.
4) Before I got to the ending of "THE FAREWELL movie" and FOUND OUT GRANDMOTHER "NEVER DIES".
From 43min 20sec until the ending of this movie, IT IS ALL "SAD MUSIC in BACKGROUND"
@43:20 - Nai Nai (grandmother) get sick, but does not tell her children.
@43:32 - Fully Clothed Awkwafina, jumps out of bed and learns her grandmother went to the hospital.
@43:52 - Billi (Awkwafina) shows her CUPPING (remains on her back)
From @47:16 through @49:00 - Grandmother and Granddaughter - interrogate the young Doctor SONG, about CANCER that "Nai Nai" has (remember - GRANDMOTHER NEVER DIES at End of Movie).
@1:15:17 through 1:15:47 - Dad is extremely FUNNY singing Karakoe song with his granddaugher "KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG" missing HALF of the WORDS
@1:17:33 though 1:18:27 - starting of upbeat music and everyone trying intimating the Chicken Dance, while they are way TOO DRUNK.
@1:18:34 - I Tired to Avoid "start of the HYPNOTIC CIRCLE around the table" until 1:19:08
I found out right as the end of movie: 1:32:50 (Grandmother never dies)_Blank Screen until 1:33:10
5) This movie ended at 1hr 33min 22second. But it continues until 1:39:50 for closing credits.
From ALL THE GREAT POSITIVE REVIEWS from POPULAR MOVIE REVIEW WEBSITES - [in my opinion], did not think it was much more than an AVERAGE (3-STARS-RATING) dvd movie.

Sep 17, 2020

This is a good movie, and it's well-acted. The story is moving and heart-felt, but there are a lot of subtitles to read. Sometimes that was a bit tedious.

Sep 13, 2020

chinese american} saying goodbye to a relative; cultural norms & beliefs that may obscure the truth; which makes it even harder; perhaps can learn from this how to say difficult words to people dying with the current losses: fire; deaths,
Great for all ages & cultures

Sep 07, 2020

this film shows that no matter where you are, we all love grandma. It is slow moving however I enjoyed the relationships we have in family, love them or they drive you crazy. Enjoy

Sep 03, 2020

This movie did nothing for me.
Gladly could have skipped it.

Beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, makes you want to hug your grandma... I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING.

Jul 31, 2020

Don't understand what all the hype was about after watching this movie . Kept expecting it to pick up , only reason I did watch it to the end . But never did pick up Boring and disappointing . Blah / Fail rating .

Jul 17, 2020

I found this movie very boring. I was expecting more. Disappointing.

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May 04, 2020

Nai Nai: I walked the path of life and I have to say, you will face with difficulties. But you have to have an open mind. Don't be like a bull hitting his horns all over the walls of the room. Life isn't just about what you do, it's more about how you do it.

Dec 12, 2019

Only three quotes in IMDb this morning. Expect many more in the near future. Here is the "On the roof" joke:

So one day the wife goes out of town. And when she returns, the husband says... honey, the cat is dead. And she says "How can you tell me so abruptly like this?" You have to ease me into bad news." Like honey... the cat, he got on the roof.

So... now... a few months later the wife goes out of town again. And she returns, and the husband greets her again. But this time he learned his lesson. And as the wife comes through the door he says, "Honey, your mom, she got on the roof."


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Sep 27, 2020

This 2019 movie "THE FAREWELL" was purposely made by an AMERICAN FILM COMPANY "Lionsgate".
But LIONSGATE "does not represent anything" from CHINESE/AMERICAN Film Publisher "A24"


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May 04, 2020

Other: Alcohol consumption


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