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Doctor Who

The Complete Fifth Series

DVD - 2013
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Jun 24, 2020

finally thanks to the campbell library was able to see the start of the matt smith era. I HAVE not seen peter nor THE CURRENT VERSIONS. so MY opinion of a female doctor who is SOUNDS fun to me.

the first one was to me "THAT'S HOW people you start a new season" matt and david t. NOW voicing scrooge by the way for the UPDATED AND just as good, hey I AM a 70's and 80's kid so i know what i am talking about and david is to me carrying on where alan young left off. back to this.

IN THE first episode YOU have one of the creepest monsters done SO FAR which i've seen. AGAIN i have not seen past season 5 yet.

so to me MATT smith came off as just as funny and fun as david ten was. before in THIS rebranding my fav of david ten of course.

one other small notice so far and yes I love amy also. i swear i've seen karen someplace before also. so here it is IS IT where to anybody that ACTORS the main ones have gone on to HARRY POTTER. i.e DAVID of course and or ALSO disney. BECAUSE rory i believe was CHRISTOPHER robin.

Dec 14, 2015

Bring David Tenant back. Peter Capaldi is awful

Jun 18, 2014

Great show and me and my kids love it, cant wait to see the newest doctor in August of 2014!

Kong72 Apr 30, 2014

I have loved Doctor Who since I was 12 watching Tom Baker on PBS... but this season (and Matt Smith in general) is just not that good. The writing is corny and Smith is just not a very good Doctor. It gets a little better in season 6... but only a little.
THRILLED that the matt smith era is over, bring on Peter Capaldi!

thebrintnells Oct 01, 2013

awesome T.A.R.D.I.S,Daleks,Cybermen
awesome versions of screwdrivers!
This show is so super awesome!
can't go a day without thinking...who?

Aug 08, 2013

Watch the extra scenes, makes you love Amy even more. I am a Dr fan but in all this time while I have really enjoyed the the more 'scary' episodes I have never really loved any episode in particular. This season provided my first Vincent and the Dr. was a beautifully written, composed and elegant episode. That alone is enough to give this a rating of 5. Great season

May 06, 2013

dont listen to moonlightmortal. If your gonna watch the show start from series 1. its a fantastic.

roadshowrigoletto Jan 14, 2012

Mostly a fan of the 'revamped' Doctor of the past six or so years. I respect the older series for its position as roots to the narrative, and with the knowledge that they were likely not allowed by any one of a number of factors to do the show that needed doing. I chuckle when I hear a reference to 'cat flaps' and the way they swing, after all. The series in its almost fifty years has always been uneven. It is more bedtime story than historical novel. Its narrative wobbles in a way similar to the way a TARDIS slips down a worm hole. This series, i.e., the fifth and then sixth season, on to the seventh, well, there has been a concept-shift of sorts. Steven Moffat is looking to write and to present more comprehensive stories, tweeking the narrative to fill in the plotholes, and is taking some elements, such as time travel, and making of them more integral parts to the narrative, not just the means to change the scene. We've gone from 'let's jump through time so that we can tell a rather conventional 'battling the aliens' story in Pompeii as the volcano blows' to a much more complicated and convoluted narrative that has time-travel as an intimate issue. Narratives that fold back in on each other and thus grab attention for themselves. I can't get too detailed. Spoilers, after all.

Nov 08, 2011

i wear a stetson now stetsons are cool

Oct 27, 2011

At first I hated Matt just like I hated David...... now I realise just how wrong a person can get! Both are very good actors and I love this season :) 5 Stars for this series!!

startrekanmore Oct 14, 2011

Not a bad transistion from David Tennant to Matt Smith but this series is quite uneven with the best being the return of the Weeping Angels and the two part finale.

Jul 10, 2011

Bow ties are not just cool. They. Are. So. Epic. Just like Doctor Who in general.

Jul 08, 2011

The BBC is still on a roll after all these years! There hasn't been one substandard Doctor yet!I also like how they keep up the conceptual continuity and mystery threads!

Jun 07, 2011

Actually i really like Matt Smith, I think he's a great actor.

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